Tough-as-nails unit great value

By Country News on February 25, 2017
  • Tough-as-nails unit great value

    The seed and fertiliser dials that can be changed to suit the seed rate required.

  • Tough-as-nails unit great value

    The DAVIMAC DF seed drill on Mr Trimby's Katunga property.

  • Tough-as-nails unit great value

    A birds eye view of where the seed drill is refilled.

The DAVIMAC DF seed drill is as tough as nails and great value for money, according to one Katunga farmer.

Richard Trimby, who milks 400 cows and grows cereal crops, annual rye-grass, lucerne and corn on his 517ha property, said the the 24-row, 150mm spacing seed drill was likely to last him a long time.

‘‘It’s built strong and going to last me. A lot of other things will break before the machine,’’ he said.

All DAVIMAC products are designed and made in Australia, specifically built to handle the tough Australian terrain.

Mr Trimby, who purchased the seed drill two years ago from O’Connors Farm Machinery Shepparton, said he enjoyed its reliability.

‘‘Hoses and boots wear out but the machine has done about 2500 acres (two times over the 517ha property) and I haven’t had to touch a thing,’’ he said.

‘‘The main shaft for wheels are as tough as an army tank. On the other machines, I was welding all the time. If I’m welding that, there’s something seriously wrong.’’

According to the DAVIMAC website, the DAVIMAC DF seed drill features an equal sowing width to overall width so farmers can get the most out of their seed drill unit.

Mr Trimby said the drill’s easy-to-use functions made it a worthwhile purchase.

‘‘It’s easy to operate. Anyone can activate it from the tractor. It’s (also) not hard to adjust the seed rates,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s very well priced for a good machine. They can cost anything between $40000 and $100000. It’s a good machine at the lower end of the price scale.’’

Mr Trimby said he sowed mainly in autumn and the drill improved germination.

‘‘I start sowing in the last week in February to around June or July. I start with the rye-grass ... and then on to cereals.

‘‘(By using it) I’ve been able to sow into ground that couldn’t be done before because of trash. It has good trash clearance and plenty of height. This improves germination.’’

The DAVIMAC DF seed drill has optional accessories such as press wheels and harrows and Mr Trimby said it was the way to go.

‘‘I’ve dealt with O’Connors for years and bought endless things from them. I’d highly recommend one (seed drill),’’ he said.

By Country News on February 25, 2017

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