Kelpies keep it in the family

By Country News on February 25, 2017
  • Kelpies keep it in the family

    Mother and son: Tammy is the mother of Sandy.

  • Kelpies keep it in the family

    Sandy is one of the sons of Tammy, Mr Hendy's other dog.

What are their personalities like?

They are very friendly. They are normally good company.

What are their working abilities like?

They do help me around the sheep. They are good on the sheep. Most times they do what they are told.

Do they love to travel?

They go everywhere with me. On the motorbike, in the forklift or the tractor. They know if I’m dressed up in my good gear, that’s it (they can’t come). They are pretty cluey.

How did you end up with two dogs?

Sandy is one of the sons of Tammy, which I kept for my father, but he passed on so I ended up with two dogs.

You and Tammy seem to have a close bond?

I don’t know why she has taken to me. Dogs never do but Tammy has. I’d be lost without Tammy. She won’t work for anyone else but me and she used to work for Dad. You could nearly call her a one-man dog.

Is Tammy a smart dog then?

She knows what’s going on. She can nearly talk! Tam knows what I’m doing. I’m pretty confident she does. Tam’s a pretty smart dog. She knows when she’s done something wrong or when I’m unhappy with her. That is seldom.

Do either of your dogs have any odd behaviours?

Tammy will attack the blower and bark at the broom when I’m cleaning out the shed. She doesn’t like the broom. She’s an anti-cat dog. Not sure what the cats have done to her.

Sandy hates thunder but Tammy doesn’t worry about it.

What do you feed them?

Dry working dog biscuits, scraps, bones and leftovers that I don’t use. Tammy will come up to the bedroom every night. She’s got to have an ice-cream cone.

By Country News on February 25, 2017

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