A master of versatility

By Country News on February 26, 2017
  • A master of versatility

    The Agromaster Universal seed drill is a versatile machine, suitable for most seed types.

The Agromaster Universal Seed Drill provides versatility, with a number of features suitable for most farmers.

It brings together a single disc with an adjustable gearbox, and is effective for all grain sizes.

Leo Schoonderbeek from Konig’s Shepparton said the machine had great standard features.

‘‘We feel it meets a huge number of farming needs, whether it be for lifestyle farmers or professionals,’’ Mr Schoonderbeek said.

‘‘The features versus the economical price is really the buzz about this machine.’’

The heavy duty 50mm springs put 50kg of down force to give the 330mm diameter disc good penetration and place seed at 140mm rows.

The 390litre seed box and the 320litre fertiliser box can be easily refilled via a single opening lid, while the agitator ensures that seed flow remains constant.

Peg tooth distributors of the latest design allow the machine to plant seed from 1kg to large seed of 200kg/ha.

The distributors can also be shut off to allow the widening of sowing rows.

The variable rate gearboxes allow seed and fertiliser rates to be easily calculated, while the two row markers ensure the tractor maintains the correct sowing width.

The Agromaster comes with a number of additional functional features, including a wide walk platform that can be retracted when not in use and a hydraulic lift that lifts off covering harrows.

As discs are lifted out of the ground, the clutch disengages the seeder to ensure economic use of seed, while the 20-disc machine can handle most seed applications.

‘‘It’s quite unique and more importantly, the value for money is exceptional,’’ Mr Schoonderbeek said.

By Country News on February 26, 2017

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