Anthrax case confirmed

By Country News on March 06, 2017

A thousand sheep have been vaccinated against anthrax and a Victorian farm is in quarantine after a sheep was killed by the deadly bacterial infection.

Agriculture Victoria says it has quarantined a Swan Hill property after anthrax was identified on Friday.

There are no restrictions on people or vehicles moving on and off the farm, but no animals can be moved.

Agriculture Victoria said infections were common among cattle and sheep in that part of the state and the public was not at risk.

"The risk to the general public is negligible as you have to have very close contact with infected carcasses to have any risk - and even then the implications are relatively minor," Victoria's chief veterinary officer Charles Milne told AAP on Monday.

One animal on the farm has been confirmed as having anthrax and another 33 animals that died in recent weeks are suspected to have contracted the disease.

Their carcasses were burned as a precaution.

By Country News on March 06, 2017

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