Irrigators urged to plan ahead

By Country News on March 07, 2017
  • Irrigators urged to plan ahead

    Goulburn-Murray Water is asking customers to talk to it about their water needs so it can manage demand on the channel systems.

While Goulburn Murray district irrigators have water in reserve, they have been reminded to plan ahead for autumn.

Goulburn-Murray Water has expressed concern that there could be a rush on water deliveries leading to rationing on some channel systems.

However, continuing rain in February has taken some of the edge off demand.

Steady spring rain has resulted in about 250Gl less of water deliveries in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District this season.

‘‘It’s good news for customers who have significant water balances left, but it could be a problem if a lot of irrigators want to get going at the same time,’’ G-MW’s customer service and operations head Daniel Irwin said

He said autumn was traditionally a high water use period, as farmers tried to get their summer pastures going.

Demand is expected to be stronger in the western areas of the region.

Earlier in February, G-MW issued a warning to irrigators to plan ahead, but last week Mr Irwin said they had not yet had to organise rostered deliveries on any channels.

‘‘We are still asking customers to talk to us about what they will need, so we can manage demand on the channel systems,’’ he said.

In instances where irrigation water demand exceeds channel delivery capacity for only a short period, G-MW will schedule irrigation orders — linking start orders with finish orders.

For customers it could mean order start times and durations are changed. These changes will be made based on a customer’s rate of delivery share at a particular service point.

If changes to rationing cycles are made the Waterline website will be updated and customers may also be contacted by a planner about their water order.

By Country News on March 07, 2017

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