Sisters are hard act to follow

By Country News on March 10, 2017
  • Sisters are hard act to follow

    Clancy is the star of the two kelpies, both on and off farm, according to Mr Stacey.

  • Sisters are hard act to follow

    Step-sisters Nelly and Clancy enjoy travelling with thier owner Gary Stacey.

  • Sisters are hard act to follow

    Gary Stacey, of Tungumah, with his two kelpies Clancy and Nelly. Mr Stacey spends plenty of time with his dogs.

What are their personalities like?

They have a very good personality. They are happy, very placid, loyal dogs. The are both pretty good with manners and they shake legs (like hands). They’re tricksters like that.

How is their working standard?

They love the sheep, as most farmers’ dogs do. I have had other kelpies but Clancy is the best one I’ve had. She’s going well as an all-rounder. I swear she would talk to you if she could.

(When it comes to listening to commands) they are very loyal that way. They come to me all the time. Clancy is also good at casting. Nelly follows the leader, pretending she knows what she is doing. A friend from Numurkah used to call Nelly the show pony.

I hear Clancy has other talents outside of work?

Clancy’s just a one-off in in my opinion. She loves dog jumping. Clancy does all the agricultural showjumping. She’s been jumping at 2.05m. Clancy is following in the footsteps of her mother.

Where do they sleep?

Our brother Rodney built a double dog run, he was a carpenter. They have a kennel each but sometimes they share, depending on mood swings.

Do they love to travel?

They love the motorbike, the tractor and the ute. A lot of times they come in the ute (even into town) depending on how hot it is.

Do you spend much time with them?

Weekends, if we are not doing sheep work, we sit on the verandah and talk. If it’s a hot day, we just don’t go out.

What would you do without them?

I’d be lost without them. They are great company and I could not do without them in terms of work.

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Rodney Woods

By Country News on March 10, 2017

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