Dig deep for fish friends

By Country News on March 12, 2017
  • Dig deep for fish friends

    The Gouburn Broken CMA is seeking public funds to save the Macquarie perch.

In a first for northern Victoria, the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority is looking for public funds through crowdfunding to help increase Macquarie perch populations in the catchment.

Goulburn Broken CMA, the Australian River Restoration Centre and two other CMAs have launched their first crowdfunding campaign, run via the Pozible platform, and aptly named ‘Funds for Fish’.

The campaign target of $15000, to be matched by Goulburn Broken CMA, will also be used to establish more instream vegetation to stabilise the large sand deposits, known as ‘sand slugs’, in Hughes Creek.

So far $2180 has been pledged, including $1000 from Strath Creek Landcare Group.

The campaign started on February 13 and will run for 30 days.

Goulburn Broken CMA project officer Christine Glassford said it was an important campaign.

‘‘Macquarie perch are now considered a threatened species, with only 11 isolated populations remaining across the state of Victoria,’’ Ms Glassford said.

‘‘Seven of these populations are within the Goulburn Broken catchment, hence why the ‘Macca’ are our focus in this campaign.

‘‘While we work hard to monitor and improve the health of our waterways, we recognise this is something we cannot do alone.

‘‘We’re appealing to the public because we understand how effective local communities can be to achieve big changes.’’

‘Funds for Fish’ project manager Adam Bester said crowdfunding allowed the community to be directly involved.

‘‘We chose crowdfunding as it enables the community to directly invest in causes and projects that they care about,’’ Mr Bester said.

People are encouraged to contribute ‘MaccaBucks’ to this crowdfunding campaign, by either nominating a donation amount of their choice or purchasing some ‘Macca’ merchandise or related experience, such as an electrofishing expedition.

To donate, visit: www.fundsforfish.pozible.com/project/bringing-the-macca-back

People who donate $5 or more will go into the draw to win a $500 fishing pack from My Fishing Place, regardless of whether the target is met.

By Country News on March 12, 2017

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