Game Authority confusion

By Country News on March 14, 2017
  • Game Authority confusion

    The Game Management Authority is responsible for regulating game hunting.

Confusion surrounds the leadership of Victoria’s Game Management Authority after conflicting announcements over the future of the authority’s chairman by Agriculture Victoria.
An application for new directors was distributed that stated the chairman’s position was ‘‘currently vacant’’.

Yet a press release circulated at 7pm on Friday announced the term extension of the authority’s chairman, Brian Hine, despite the director application form still listing the chairman position as vacant.

Further confusion was added to the situation, with deputy chair Wendy Greiner’s LinkedIn profile naming her as the acting chair.

Ms Greiner’s profile still listed her as the acting chair at the time of publication.

The announcement comes as the authority faces the prospect of having a majority of the board changed when the eight remaining directors’ terms expire on June 30.

The extension of Mr Hine’s appointment comes four months into his initial appointment to lead the implementation of the $5.3million four-year Sustainable Hunting Action Plan.
Although directors are able to reapply for their positions, the number of seats is set to be slashed by a third, leaving only six positions available.

The board is responsible for the regulation of game hunting in Victoria including issuing game licences, enforcing game hunting laws and educating hunters on how to hunt legally.
Agriculture Victoria opened applications for the positions last week and encouraged people with relevant skills to apply.

Under the Andrews Government’s commitment to gender equality, half of the board must be women.

The authority and the minister’s office were asked for comment on the state of the board and its future but had not responded in time for publication.

By Country News on March 14, 2017

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