Stanhope photo opportunity closes soon

By Country News on March 17, 2017
  • Stanhope photo opportunity closes soon

    One of the submitted photographs contributed by Morgan Pope.

Fonterra Australia has received some beautiful photos as part of the massive photo mosaic wall mural that will be built at the entrance to the new Fonterra Stanhope cheese plant.

The 30 metre by 5 metre wall mural, with the theme of “Legendairy Stanhope – Proud People, Proud Community”, will celebrate cheese-making history dating back to the 1920s, along with a rural community known for its dairy farms and agricultural abundance.

Submissions close today, Friday, March 17.

Communities and farmers from Stanhope and the surrounding district have got behind the project so far, with more than 5000 photos submitted and collected.

Andrew Hipwell, Stanhope resident and ambassador of its Legendairy status, is very happy to know that local farming and community members are being recognised as part of the new multi-million dollar cheese plant.

“The mural is something that has resonated with our Legendairy status and is something that we are extremely proud of. I’ve submitted a photo and encourage others to do the same,” says Andrew.

Fonterra Stanhope Site Manager Jason Wright said the ‘Legendairy Stanhope – Proud People, Proud Community’ theme reinforced that it’s the people of the district who make Stanhope Legendairy.

“This is a huge community project that places our people, our local and farming communities’ front and centre. As a dairying community, Stanhope has a lot of reasons to be proud and with this mural, we’re really “wearing our pride on our side’.

The mural will be unveiled and the new cheese plant commissioned in mid-2017. The rebuilt plant will convert milk from about 220 local farms to produce about 45,000 tonnes of cheese per year for domestic and export customers.

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Country News is a media partner with Fonterra in the mural project.

By Country News on March 17, 2017

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