New Murray report sought by ministers

By Country News on March 17, 2017
  • New Murray report sought by ministers

    The report will be asking how communities will be affected by transferring more water to the environment.

Ministers of Murray Darling governments have agreed to commission a report on socio- economic impacts of the Murray Darling Basin plan.

Irrigation and farm leaders have been advocating for a detailed study before more water is removed from productive use.

The report will be due to be completed by December.

 Under the plan, agreed to by the five states, the last 450 Gl can only be delivered to the environment if there are no negative socio-economic effects.

The ministers announced on Friday:

"This study will report on the potential socio-economic impacts from the design of measures at a range of scales, including socio-economic concerns that go beyond the specific legal requirements of the Basin Plan, and on strategies that may be required to ensure neutral or improved social and economic outcomes.

"The study will take into account information arising from the MurrayDarling Basin Authoritys evaluation of Basin Plan impacts and any other relevant information.''

The outcome of Friday's ministerial meeting at Mildura has been welcomed by the Victorian government.

By Country News on March 17, 2017

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