Stanhope cheese, making it happen

By Fonterra Australia on April 03, 2017

We’re on the home stretch to commissioning the Stanhope cheese plant, with excitement building ahead of the first product rolling off the line later in the year.

To help the team in their final push to commissioning, we’ve closed the doors to visitors while we finish off the construction.  However, since everyone is curious to know how the rebuild is progressing, we’ve created a series of videos to give you a sneak peek inside our state-of-the-art cheese plant as it rises from the ashes, and tell the stories of the people and the community involved in making it happen.

“It won’t be long before we’ll have Stanhope mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar and romano cheese rolling off the line destined for markets both in Australia and around the globe”, said Jason Wright, Stanhope Site Manager.

Watch behind the scenes construction at the Stanhope cheese plant here.

 Meet the amazing people of Stanhope, Northern Victoria, home to Fonterra’s newest $140m cheese plant opening later in 2017 here.

By Fonterra Australia on April 03, 2017

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