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By Country News on April 14, 2017
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    Sheep with electronic tag

Agriculture Victoria will run on-farm workshops to demonstrate how electronic identification technology and data can be used to make better management decisions.

These workshops, including one in Violet Town, are for sheep and goat producers and will provide an opportunity to learn from independent experts about the potential uses of electronic tagging and related technology.

It will also provide opportunities for local farmers to talk to the various EID equipment and software manufacturers.

Agriculture Victoria’s sheep electronic identification director Warren Straw said producers would get the opportunity to hear from other farmers already using these digital technology options in their farming systems.

‘‘This round of workshops is the chance to see the practical and beneficial steps involved in transitioning across to electronic tagging technology,’’ Mr Straw said.

‘‘The workshops will cover a number of topics, including understanding how the data can inform farm management decisions, practical ways to overcome any implementation issues, and the opportunity to learn directly from experienced fellow producers.’’

The Violet Town demonstration day will be on Thursday, May 4.

In addition to supporting producers through these on-farm workshops, Agriculture Victoria has established a new protocol enabling rural distributors to order electronic NLIS (sheep) tags on behalf of their producer clients.

Using Agriculture Victoria’s online tag ordering portal, rural distributors can now act for sheep and goat producers and complete the ordering process for them, providing another way for farmers to order their electronic tags.

Any charges for this ordering service need to be arranged between distributors and their clients and are separate to Agriculture Victoria charges.

■Questions regarding the new protocol can be directed to Agriculture Victoria’s NLIS toll-free helpline on 1800678779 during office hours.

■Producers interested in attending the EID workshops can get more information and register at: www.agriculture.vic.gov.au/EIDworkshops or by phoning the EID events line on 57611647.

By Country News on April 14, 2017

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