Act of cruelty sickens

By Country News on May 02, 2017
  • Act of cruelty sickens

    Tatura resident Michelle Ellis found a pet goat tied to her boundary fence, with barbed-wire.

A goat is lucky to be alive after being found tied upside-down to a barbed wire fence recently in an act of animal cruelty dubbed ‘‘unnecessaranimal cruelty y’’ and ‘‘sick’’.

‘‘He was stuck upside-down trapped with his hooves connected to the fence,’’ Tatura resident John Dooley said.

‘‘He was off the ground dangling, he was wet and cold so must’ve been there all night. He wouldn’t have survived much longer if we hadn’t freed him.’’

Mr Dooley and Michelle Ellis were taking their twin daughters to school when a truck driver dropped into their property on Midland Hwy.

‘‘He told us that one of our goats was caught up in our fence,’’ Mr Dooley said.

When the three went out to investigate they discovered offenders had deliberately tied a pet goat to the outside of their perimeter fence on Undera Rd, Tatura, with barbed wire.

The goat did not belong to Mr Dooley, but he said it was clearly a family pet because it had a collar, lead and was well trained.

‘‘It couldn’t stand up initially so we thought it might have had paralysis of the legs, but after we fed it and gave it some water it began to walk slowly,’’ he said.

‘‘We called police and the council rangers came out to collect it and get it assessed at a vet.’’

Mr Dooley felt ‘‘sick and angry’’ after seeing the animal trapped and thought it was dead after it gave up struggling to get free.

‘‘It’s just unnecessary cruelty which leaves a bad taste in your mouth,’’ he said.

Mr Dooley, who owns five goats, hoped someone might recognise the goat so the offenders could be caught.

‘‘It had to have been hand-raised from a baby because it was so friendly,’’ he said.

‘‘If authorities can find who it belongs to perhaps the owners could have their other animals confiscated.’’

A Greater Shepparton City Council spokesperson said if anyone had any information about this or any other animal welfare matter they were urged to phone council’s local laws team on 58329700.

By Country News on May 02, 2017

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