Farmer spells it out to the public

By Country News on May 11, 2017
  • Farmer spells it out to the public

    Murray Goulburn received a blunt message via Facebook after Tawonga farmer Tim Prime ploughed the above message into his 4 ha paddock.

Tawonga farmer Tim Prime’s Facebook post has gone viral after it was posted last week, with more than 350 shares and 700 likes racking up on the public post.

Mr Prime ploughed the message into his paddock following Tuesday’s announcement by Murray Goulburn that it would be closing three factories, including at Rochester and Kiewa.

‘‘Looks like the buck has stopped. Not with the fat cats at the top, when does that ever happen? No, the small farming communities that shaped Murray Goulburn from the bottom up are the ones that hit the ground the hardest,’’ Mr Prime wrote in his public Facebook post.

‘‘As farmers, we welcome the scrapping of the clawback, though appreciate it comes at a cost for those MG employees and their families caught up in factory closures.’’

Cracking down on swooping seagulls

Fed up with holiday makers being dive-bombed by greedy seagulls in ‘‘horror movie’’ scenes, one British costal area is fighting back by making it an offence to feed the birds.

‘‘Seagulls become accustomed to being fed by people and will attack them if they are not offered food,’’ local councillor Iain Chubb said.

‘‘It isn’t very nice when they do come — it’s almost like a horror movie,’’ Cr Chubb said, comparing it to British director Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds.

Tourists and local business owners have long been pressing for stronger measures against feeding the gulls. But only regular feeders and restaurants that leave their rubbish bins open were at risk of being sanctioned.

‘‘Quite often the seagulls will sort of swoop over you and if you’re a small child and a thing with a three-foot wingspan comes towards you like a pterodactyl you might just throw your food up in the air,’’ Cr Chubb said.

‘‘If you were to feed a seagull a couple of chips, there’s nobody going to pounce out of the bushes and say ‘you’ve got a fine’.’’

By Country News on May 11, 2017

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