Bull record set

By Country News on May 31, 2017
  • Bull record set

    A Speckle Park Australian record was set when this bull from Minnamurra Speckle Park Stud sold at auction last week.

A group of Victorian and NSW producers paid a record-breaking $35000 for a Speckle Park bull at a Coolah, NSW auction last week.

The nearly two-year-old bull, Minnamurra Leander L81, was purchased by the consortium comprising Paul Guy from Te Mooi stud in Benalla, Wayne Munt from MFP Speckle Park in Kergunyah, John Ellis from Hanging Rock stud in Newham and Mick Malone and Max Whitby from Kitchwin Hills in Scone, NSW, with the four studs sharing the bull.

Mr Munt said the bull would shuttle between the three Victorian owners for the foreseeable future, with each of the owners utilising the bull’s semen and with future intentions to sell semen both locally and internationally.

At 140kg above the average sale bull weight, he said the group was prepared to bid even higher than the $35000 it ultimately spent to secure the bull.

‘‘We were determined to secure the bull, purely on outstanding figures.

‘‘All the bulls (at the sale) were outstanding but he was head and shoulders above his contemporaries. He’s going to be a game changer, he’s the outlier everyone is looking for.’’

Mr Guy, who brought the idea of purchasing Leander L81 to the group, said he was drawn to the bull’s conformation, length and carcase traits compared to his peer group,.

‘‘Buying a bull of this calibre was not really in our plans this early in our operation, but I saw him up at Minnamurra a few weeks ago and had to do something — he is just remarkable,’’ he said.

‘‘Leander is a man amongst men and we are very fortunate to have secured him with such great partners.’’

The bull fetched the highest price on the day, leading the rest of the herd in weight for age, eye muscle area, rib and rump fat scanning and performing well for scrotal and intramuscular fat.

The remaining lots also performed well, with Minnamurra Leander L94 selling for $24000 after drawing interest from buyers as a result of an excellent weight to eye muscle ratio.

A total of 51 bulls were sold for an average of $11 392.

By Country News on May 31, 2017

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