There’s nothing slow with Joe

By Country News on May 31, 2017
  • There’s nothing slow with Joe

    Molka cropping and sheep farmer Rod Seach with his two dogs Lilly and Joe.

  • There’s nothing slow with Joe

    Lilly begs for food, something Rod Seach says she is too focused on.

  • There’s nothing slow with Joe

    There is never enough work for Joe as he eyes off the sheep.

What’s the best and worst thing about them?

Rachael: The best thing about Joe is that he is so loyal. He has amazing loyalty to Rod. He’s like the dog on the tuckerbox who waits for his master.

Rod: His worst thing is that he goes flat out and works the sheep too hard at times. He only has two gears — flat out and stop.

Rachael: With Lilly, you are able to take her anywhere, she’s placid, friendly and affectionate. She can be a bit arrogant.

Rod: She’s too food driven. That’s a beagle thing.

Rachael: Lilly will look in the bin for food scraps.

How quick is Joe?

Rod: Joe’s very quick. We’ve clocked him at 50km an hour on the motorbike.

Where do they sleep?

Rachael: Lilly sleeps next to our bed in a bed. Like a kid she will jump in bed at three or four in the morning. She snores and takes up the bed. She thinks the bedroom is her den. She’s very spoilt.

Rod: Joe sleeps in his own kennel.

How do they get on with other animals?

Rachael: Joe gets along with the chickens and the cat. He gets on with all animals pretty much, especially the horses (across the road). He tries to get a reaction out of them.

What is Joe’s working ability like?

Rod: He’s better in the yard and the shed than in the paddock. He’s very good in the shed but too pushy in the paddock.

And I hear Joe’s a little accident prone?

Rachael: He’s had a few lives, including having his tail amputated.

What happened?

Rod: He was secured on the ute casting the sheep and he jumped off at the wrong time. He doesn’t like the vet. Last time we went to the vet he had a grass seed in his eye. He nearly ate the vet!

What would you do without them?

Rod: I’d have trouble without Joe. I’d have to get another dog.

Rachael: You would miss him, wouldn’t you?

Rod: Oh yeah.

Rachael: Lilly’s a good companion. She’s always in your shadow. We’ve always had a dog haven’t we?

Rod: A dog or two.

Words and pictures: Rodney Woods

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By Country News on May 31, 2017

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