High-tech connection

By Alana Christensen on June 08, 2017
  • High-tech connection

    General Manager of Farm Connect at Rubicon Water, Peter Moller

Farm Connect general manager at Rubicon Water, Peter Moller, has returned from a trip to Silicon Valley in the United States, gaining insight into the growing relationship between agriculture and technology and its everyday applications.

Mr Moller travelled to the start-up hub as part of a Victorian Government scholarship, attending leading agtech conferences and touring real world businesses that had utilised innovative technology to grow their business.

Over the past few years the work within the space in Australia has grown Mr Moller said, but his recent trip had given him a greater understanding of how the agtech industry could be improved.

‘‘Although innovation is being carried by individuals in the food, fibre or beverage industry, we could do a lot better to unify it,’’ he said.

‘‘It is fragmented and done on an individual basis.

‘‘There needs to be some ecosystem that connects all of Victoria and attracts people and companies from the city to have an impact on regional development.’’

■Read the full story in this month’s Agfocus magazine.

By Alana Christensen on June 08, 2017
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