Rural jobs promoted

By Country News on June 13, 2017
  • Rural jobs promoted

    Orchardists and owners of Cheeky Grog Co. Jenny and Mark Morey discussed their journey with Shepp High Year 7/8 students as part of the Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project.

The Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project visited Shepparton High School last week to promote agriculture and environmental science to students and teachers.

Project co-ordinator Carla Miles said the inaugural event hoped to plant the seed with Year 7 and 8 students about the bright future of agriculture and growing job opportunities.

‘‘Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project’s community engagement initiative, One Thousand Conversations, showed there was a poor understanding and low interest in jobs on offer in the agribusiness sector among students, parents and teachers,’’ Ms Miles said.

‘‘Locally, we know there is a decline in student uptake of agricultural and environmental subjects, including geography and some sciences.

‘‘However, around Australia and indeed worldwide we know there is renewed interest in studying and working in agricultural science.’’

Eight guests were involved in the day with orchardists, agribusiness workers and environmental planners sharing stories about their role, their career path and what they like best about their job with students.

The same information was relayed to teachers in an attempt to improve understanding of the region, professions and opportunities for expanding the link between school curriculum and agriculture industries.

By Country News on June 13, 2017
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