VFF: no viable Cattle Council fix offered

By Country News

A committee established following a Senate inquiry into the cattle industry has failed to deliver a viable solution for the restructure of the Cattle Council of Australia, according to the VFF.

The VFF met with a number of state farming organisations, as well as the council, to discuss how best to represent Australian cattle producers.

However, VFF Livestock president Leonard Vallance said the suggested solutions fell short.

‘‘They’ve had three years to get it right and they’ve failed to do so. That’s long enough by anyone’s standard,’’ VFF Livestock president Leonard Vallance said.

‘‘They failed to provide a funding model, and a workable structure for the new body. Their suggested 15 regions were not viable and would’ve led to huge financial burden on the industry.’’

Mr Vallance has argued that the proposed 15-region model would create a disconnect between state and national representation, and given that the state farming organisations are the peak industry bodies for cattle in their state, they provide a better avenue for policy development from grassroots through to state and federal issues.

‘‘The SFOs provide a free service for Peak Industry Councils through board member training, industry knowledge, and taking care of local and state issues, which allows bodies like Cattle Council to focus on national and international trade and market access issues,’’ Mr Vallance said.

He also encouraged producers to join and stand for office with the Cattle Council of Australia.

‘‘The time for throwing stones is over; sign up and have your say,’’ Mr Vallance said.