Google car goes missing near Picola

By Alana Christensen

It may have a town hall, a bowling green, a pub and a silo, but you won’t be seeing the sights of Picola via Google Street View anytime soon.

Despite making it to just 5km outside of town, it appears the Google Street View car never quite made it through the tranquil main street of Picola for a stop at the pub.

Google Street View is known for forever capturing the location of cars, people and houses and preserving it on the internet, yet visitors to Picola must rely on aerial satellite imagery for a visual on the town’s buildings.

While the surrounding towns of Barmah, Kotupna, Yalca and Bearii have welcomed the all-seeing Google car to their towns, it appears Picola was too far for the almighty Google Street View car to travel.

Although one could theorise that the international conglomerate got lost down Katunga-Picola Rd on the way to the town of about 100 people, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to publicans Michael Bireer and Fiona Bugelli, the town had Google Street View about seven years ago when they first bought the pub.

They vividly remember a beloved local’s car being out the front of the pub in the now MIA (missing in action) photos.

‘‘I didn’t know they didn’t have it anymore,’’ Ms Bugelli said.

Country News reached out to Google to seek an explanation for the snub and is awaiting word back as to when it will return to the country town.

While we await an explanation as to why the town doesn’t feature on Google Street View anymore, hopefully Picola can band together with its other unlucky neighbours — Picola West and Yielima — to welcome the Google Street View car to their neighbourhoods once more.