Nine wetlands closed for duck season

By Alana Christensen

Nine wetlands will be closed with restrictions applied to a further four ahead of the opening of the duck season on Saturday, the Game Management Authority has announced.

Koorangie State Game Reseve will be closed due to the large number of freckled duck and blue-billed duck, with a private wetland south of Stanhope also closed for the duration of the hunting season.

As in previous years, Kow Swamp near Gunbower and Reedy Lakes (Reedy, Middle and Third Lake) at Kerang will be closed for the entire season to reinforce their status as wildlife sanctuaries where hunting is prohibited.

The western side of the Hird Swamp State Game Reserve near Kerang will be closed over the opening weekend to minimise disturbances to Australasian Bittern.

Victoria’s duck season opens on Saturday March 17 and closes on Monday June 11.

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