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B1 Moooving Art found

By Rodney Woods

The missing member of Shepparton’s famous art cows has been found.

But after a fortnight missing, it has been found, sadly without its head.

The member of the city’s colourful cow fleet was taken from its home at KidsTown two weeks ago and prompted the call for residents to keep their eyes peeled for the missing cow.

Yesterday, the Moooving Art Facebook page shared some bittersweet news.

‘‘The MooovingArt team and the SPC KidsTown team, along with B2 have been losing their minds with worry over the missing B1, but we have some news!’’ the post began.

‘‘She has been found! With thanks to local man Joel Hoffman, she has been discovered, unfortunately she has lost her head with worry over going missing — literally!

‘‘Never fear, she will be back! Thank you to all who have commented, reported on and shared our post and KidsTown’s post to get our girl back.’’

Indications are B1 will soon be whole again and reunited with B2.