Huge tractor auction at Moama

By Sophie Baldwin

Some people might collect stamps or coins while others go for something on a larger scale.

And you can’t get much larger than Greg Glenn’s collection of International tractors.

With more than 340 in the collection, they take up some serious space.

Mr Glenn has spent the past 40 years collecting them from every state in the country bar the Northern Territory, and has decided to put his collection under the auction hammer on Saturday, October 13.

The collection features some pretty rare pieces, including one of only eight Acremaster 310 tractors made in Australia in the 1970s and a Hydro 100 and Hydro 70 — both very collectable tractors.

‘‘Dad was an International Harvester man who worked at the local dealership and I guess that’s where my interest started,’’ Mr Glenn said.

‘‘I have always been a collector. When I was a kid it started with stamps but I outgrew that and started to focus on anything International which turned into tractors, tins, boxes and signs as well.’’

Mr Glenn reckons about half the tractors for sale are in working order.

‘‘They made these tractors to last and there is so much history surrounding the brand and the machinery. It will be good to see some of them go to new homes instead of to scrap or the wreckers.’’

Mr Glenn said he would be sad to see the collection go, but he is hanging on to about 20 that he can’t part with.

‘‘It’s time to retire and move off the farm. I will take a few favourites with me, including my grandfather’s Farmall H from the 1940s.’’

■The Major Case International Collectors Auction will be held at Thyra Rd, Moama on Saturday, October 3 from 10am. Inspections are available on Friday, October 12 from 10am to 4pm. Details and photos of the lots are available on the Landmark website.