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Coomboona Dairies sold

By Geoff Adams

A company associated with Freedom Foods Group  has purchased the troubled Coomboona Dairy operation near Undera, once jointly owned by Australian entrepreneur Gerry Harvey.
Freedom says it will use the relationship with the large dairy to generate milk for its processing operations.
Coomboona Dairies, developed by Asian based businessman Alex Arena, was placed in voluntary administration in March and failed to sell at auction in September.

Freedom has a specialty UHT plant in Shepparton which it is currently expanding and has been in the market for expanded milk supplies.
Australian Fresh Milk Holdings also has a large dairy operation in the Lachlan Valley 300 kms west of Sydney.
AFMH  is  a  partnership  owned by  the  Moxey  and  Perich families  and other  shareholders  including Freedom Foods Group. Freedom has a 10% equity shareholding in AFMH.

With the acquisition of the Coomboona Dairy operation AFMH will be the largest dairy  producer in Australia with current operations forecasting over 150 million litres of production into 2019.
Freedom  Foods  intends  to  use the supply from Moxey Farms and Coomboona Dairy for its Australia’s Own Kid’s Milk and other dairy product formats.

The Coomboona Dairies originally comprised almost 500 hectares and was planned to be able to handle a herd of about 5000 cows.

The dairy business gained significant coverage when Harvey Norman founder and executive chairman Gerry Harvey announced his company had bought 49.9 per cent of the business in 2015.