Abattoir site plan

By Geoff Adams

A $12million rendering plant using new technology is being proposed by abattoir operators H W Greenham and Sons at Tongala.

The plant would be built at the site of the existing abattoir in Finlay Rd.

The company is seeking approvals for the plant from Campaspe Shire Council and the Environment Protection Authority.

H W Greenham and Sons have been operating the Tongala abattoir since it opened in 1993, and also have an abattoir in the Tasmanian dairy area of Smithton.

The company also bought a meat works at Moe in 2017.

The new rendering plant would convert animal products to tallow and meat meal.

The company is proposing to use an advanced high temperature rendering process which results in less contaminated wastewater and lower environmental impact, with options for energy recovery and reduced transport movements.

According to the application lodged with the EPA, the rendering operations will be housed in an enclosed building employing a process air extraction system and roof-mounted exhaust fans. All captured odour from the air extraction system will be treated in a biofilter system.

The proposed rendering plant would process about 110000kg of raw material per day and have the capacity to process up to 6000kg of raw material per hour.

The plant currently operates two shifts per day across two plants (a cow plant and bull plant) capable of processing up to 700 head of cattle per day.

H W Greenham and Sons’ Tongala operation buys cows from more than 4000 mainland and Tasmanian suppliers through its live weight scale operations or ‘over the hooks’ trading at its plants.

The plant processes mainly cast-for-age dairy cows and bulls of all ages and sizes for lean manufacturing beef to established customers in the United States.

The EPA is inviting feedback from anyone who may be affected by the proposal.