VicRoads admits installing wire rope barriers is not a “one size fits all” approach

By Rodney Woods

VicRoads says installing wire-rope barriers down the centre of the Midland Hwy between Shepparton and Stanhope is not a ‘‘one size fits all approach’’ but is urging drivers to be patient if stuck behind large farm machinery when travelling along the road.

Girgarre East locals voiced their concerns about the implementation of the barriers back in February 2018 and one of those residents, Victor Grzesiak, said last week he tried to avoid the highway at all costs.

‘‘I live near the Springvale Rd crossroad and (when travelling towards Shepparton) I go down Springvale Rd, turn right, and avoid it all,’’ Mr Grzesiak said.

‘‘I’ve had experience following behind machinery and especially when I’m on my motorbike I keep my cool.

‘‘Farmers can only move over so much and I still won’t pass them on the motorbike, just in case they hit a pot hole.’’

VicRoads safe system road infrastructure program director Scott Lawrence said VicRoads had taken into account the fact farmers were the predominate users of the specific stretch on the Midland Hwy.

‘‘We tailor the projects to each particular road and its main users, including heavy vehicles or agricultural machinery,’’ Mr Lawrence said.

‘‘We’ve provided a wider gap between barriers on the Midland Hwy to accommodate larger vehicles but where there isn’t room to overtake, we ask that drivers are patient and drive safely.

‘‘The occasional five or 10 minute delay to your journey is a small price to pay to save lives on our roads.’’