Country News

Tocumwal rally voices

By Geoff Adams

Reporter Daniel Hughes asked  protesters why they were at the Tocumwal rally last week:

Alan Wragge – Wakool

What brought you here today?

Reason we came was to protest what’s happening with the Murray-Darling Basin.

In all its inequities with what’s happening.

We think there are changes to be made so we can get our allocation to produce food and fibre for the nation.

We’re impressed by Topher Field and all the other speakers, what he said was very apt.

A lot of people have committed suicide, there's nine farmers that commit suicide every week I believe, in Australia.

What is one of the biggest outcomes you’re hoping to come from today?

Awareness is the biggest that I want to highlight; 75 per cent of the population is now aware and supporting us through rallies like this, where it used to be only 25 per cent.

A day like this gives us hope that our city friends are starting to realise what we’re going through and how they can help effect change.

Jo Stevens – Kerang 

Why do you think it’s important to come to an event like today?

Farmers can’t afford the cost of water. On the way here, all the main channels that are not owned by farmers are full to the top. Their channels and dams, empty. Why? Because they can’t afford it. It costs too much. It’s a man-made drought.

Going forward, do you think there can be anything immediately done from holding this rally today?

Let’s hope it does something. All we can do is be here to support them. A lot of people say it’s the government’s fault but who runs the government?

The United Nations, they're the top people that have caused all this to happen. As soon as you start looking at the blame, it’s like a ladder, just keeps going up and up.

Miriam Crane – Cohuna 

What brings you here today?

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is ruining the careers of many irrigators in NSW and Victoria and if something's not done soon, farmers just won't exist.

Bringing such a large group together today, what are you hoping it’s going to achieve?

We’re hoping we can make  [David] Littleproud listen and stop the plan.