Making fertile use of waste

By Country News

Stanhope composting business biomix understands that future profit for Australian farmers will come from the ability to embrace innovation and to utilise premium grade composts and soil conditioners to grow high value and high yield produce.

The company diverts thousands of tonnes of food and green waste from landfill each month by converting it into premium quality compost that is sold to farming operations for organic farming and also farmers who want to improve their soils and are looking to change from conventional farming practices to a more sustainable approach.

‘‘Biomix compost is not just an inorganic fertiliser used only to add plant available nutrients,’’ biomix managing director Jackie Yong said.

‘‘While it has nutrients that are available to the plant, it also boasts abilities to increase soil carbon significantly, flocculate soil structure and increase the nutrient holding capacity of the soil.

‘‘This in turn leads to greater water retention and more plant available water, less nutrient application and synthetic fertiliser use and a lower risk of crop failure due to more robust soil and plants,’’ she said.

Biomix’s premium composts build soil health for all types of crops, pastures, orchards, vegetables, vineyards and lawns.

‘‘By investing into your soil’s health with biomix composts and compost blends, farmers can face today’s farming challenges with a soil that promotes insect and disease resistances, reduces society’s reliance on water and produces a healthier product.

‘‘We work with farmers to determine the best way to overcome the soil challenges they face.’’