Top performance and up-time reliability

By Country News

The well-known adage that ‘‘Nothing Runs Like A Deere’’ is being validated every day by a northern Victorian irrigation company that, simply, won’t use anything else.

Rochester-based Campaspe Irrigation is an agent for Zimmatic by Lindsay centre pivot and linear move irrigation systems, as well as manufacturing its own transportable high-capacity pumping stations built into shipping containers.

‘‘Our transportable pumping stations, capable of moving up to 18Ml a day, are based on an idea by Geoff Mustey,’’ Campaspe Irrigation’s project manager Wayne Conway said.

‘‘A John Deere engine goes into the box, coupled to a centrifugal pump, filters, and with all the electrical gear.

‘‘They’re self-contained and people run generators off them or a large alternator off the side of the John Deere to provide 240 volt power or 415 volt 3 phase power on-site.

‘‘They’re popular in low-flood-prone-lying areas, such as Kerang and Lake Boga, to mitigate floods or excess run-off, and at other times to shift large volumes of water between channels or dams.

‘‘Just half a dozen bolts and you can pick it up and move it away before the flood comes or to where it is needed.’’

During nearly 30 years, Power Equipment has achieved an excellent reputation as a high-quality supplier of industrial and marine engines and associated products.

Power Equipment, now Australian distributor of John Deere Power System’s range of industrial and marine engines, points out that the familiar and popular power plants deliver performance and up-time reliability with customer and product support to keep businesses growing.

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