Easy access to crop trial results

By Country News

Valuable, timely and locally relevant information stemming from Australian crop research trials is now even easier and quicker to access following recent improvements to the Online Farm Trials web portal.

Developed by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation at Federation University Australia in Ballarat, and launched in 2014, it stores information provided by grower groups, research organisations, government bodies and other grain industry stakeholders.

The project’s industry engagement and impact research lead Ben Wills said the OFT website now featured streamlined searching capability for trials, was more intuitive to use and highlighted under the tab Browse by Topic were collections of trials relating to relevant seasonal issues.

‘‘The aim of the recent improvements is to allow growers, agronomists, researchers and the wider grains industry to access, in the simplest and most efficient way, data and information that can help support grower decisions at a local level,’’ Dr Wills said.

He said the upgraded, faster underlying search functionality behind OFT allowed users to filter, sort and discover information that was most relevant to them.

‘‘We welcome feedback about the new search functionality, particularly about how relevant the results are from searches made, and specific examples of where refinements could be made.

‘‘Our team will use this feedback, which can be reported back to us through the website, to adjust and refine future results delivered by the new search engine.’’

■The Online Farm Trials website address is: