Systems under microscope

By Country News

Canola systems are being examined as part of a Grains Research and Development Corporation and Riverine Plains field day to be held on July 26.

‘‘Growing a profitable canola crop requires careful varietal selection, good agronomy and adequate nutrition, among other things,’’ Riverine Plains chairman Ian Trevethan said.

‘‘This canola systems day aims to help grain growers work through some of these key management issues by visiting trial sites evaluating varietal profitability and nutritional performance.’’

The field day will begin at a canola systems trial site at Daysdale (79km east of Finley), which was established by Farmanco in partnership with Riverine Plains and was designed to evaluate the profitability of different canola systems using hybrid, triazine-tolerant, IMI-tolerant, high oleic and Roundup Ready technologies.

‘‘One of the aims of this trial is to establish the profitability of hybrids compared to traditional canola types in the low rainfall parts of the Riverine Plains region,’’ Farmanco farm management consultant Eric Nankivell said.

‘‘Hybrids are more expensive to grow, so they need to yield more than traditional varieties, especially in dry environments.

‘‘By visiting the site, farmers can also see the different varieties and how they have established in the tough conditions that have been impacting canola this year.’’

The second part of the field day will involve visits to trials sown as part of a GRDC investment investigating sulphur and nitrogen nutrition in canola.

The field day will start at 10am on Thursday, July 26, at the Maloney family farm, 95 Saffron Rd, Daysdale.

The second site visit will be from noon at the Tomlinson family’s farm, Emu Park Rd, Coreen.

The third site visit will start at 2.15pm at the Trevethan family farm, Riverina Hwy, Howlong.

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