Mix to the max

By Country News

With high quality silage being the crucial component of an effective livestock feeding program, leading farm machinery manufacturer Kuhn’s latest addition to the Australian market promises to play a significant role.

The Kuhn Profile 24.2 DL double-auger mixer wagon is brand new to Australia — and with it comes some special features designed to transform the speed and efficiency of any feed delivery system.

Kuhn product specialist Tom de Greenlaw said nutrition and costs were two of the most important considerations when it came to silage potential.

‘‘Nutrition, because a top-quality product is going to help your animals reach their full potential, and cost, because time-efficiency is such a major issue for most farms today,’’ Mr Greenlaw said.

‘‘A good mixer will help you to achieve both those goals, and that’s why this step in the process is so important to get right.’’

Feeding systems employing a tractor and bucket, a silage cart, or even some other types of mixer wagons can be time-consuming to use, and uneven in their feed delivery capabilities.

These less-than-optimal methods for feed delivery can result in issues like aerobic spoilage, which can lead to nutrient loss, and feed wastage, resulting from patchy distribution.

Kuhn’s Profile 24.2 DL mixer wagon can eliminate both issues, delivering livestock feed quickly and efficiently, minimising wastage via optimal distribution.

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