New baler gets the job done

By Country News

It may be only one season old, but for Girgarre farmer Russell Wheeler, his McHale V640 baler is all he’s ever needed.

Mr Wheeler said he purchased the baler because his previous one was just not doing the job he needed.

‘‘The reason we bought it was we couldn’t grow silage clover with our old baler,’’ he said.

The new baler has also allowed Mr Wheeler to bale hay and silage quicker.

‘‘We can bale hay with a higher moisture content and instead of 40 to 45 bales an hour, we can bale between 65 and 70 an hour.

‘‘It’s faster, stronger and a very well built machine and it has a good wide pick-up.’’

In addition to the baler, Mr Wheeler uses Krone mowers and a Krone rake to produce his hay.

Mr Wheeler grows sub-clover, rye-grass, cereal hay and silage on his 809ha property, which is used to feed his Friesian dairy cattle.