Handling the heaviest loads

By Country News

The Massey Ferguson TH7038 Telehandler meets the high capacity requirements for lifting the heaviest high-density bales, offering fast and efficient cycles for loading as well as the power to tow a loaded trailer.

The TH7038 has a lift capacity of 3.8tonne with a maximum lift height of 7m.

It is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and is powered by a 4.4litre four-cylinder Perkins engine, which delivers 130hp.

‘‘This MF TH Telehandler takes our continuous improvement program to an ever greater level,’’ Massey Ferguson product manager John Russell said.

‘‘The features of the MF TH7038 model deliver customers even higher performance, which allows them to carry out their work in more comfort, with greater productivity and with lower costs.’’

It offers 190 litres/minute hydraulic capacity for the fastest work cycles and is the ideal choice for contractors or co-operatives.

The fan inverter is available with an automatic option to keep the engine clean and working at maximum efficiency. This offers speed regulation depending on air temperature or can be adjusted to work at a pre-set speed, with the automatic mode selected via a button on the dashboard.

A unique four-range hydrostatic transmission provides low speed, high torque delivery through two mechanical gears and two hydrostatic ranges, giving operators the most accurate control during material handling.

An easy-to-set creeper function is ideal for operations that demand low speed at higher engine revs, providing increased control and accuracy for operations such as sweeping, feeding and straw spreading.

Cushion Retract is now fitted to the boom, ensuring a smoother action and prolonging the life of the components.

An additional electric control can be specified to provide a fourth and fifth service to operate demanding implements, such as straw choppers and feeding buckets.

The MF TH Telehandler cab offers best-in-class visibility from its curved glass combined with the streamlined engine bonnet, plus the low boom pivot point providing an uninterrupted view all round.

The unrivalled view to the rear is particularly useful when working in tight and narrow spaces.

An unobstructed view of front attachments ensures safe and precise loading and unloading, making it easier and safer to position bales or pallets at elevated working heights.

A front wiper design incorporates an additional small wiper to keep the screen clear to improve visibility and safety, regardless of the conditions.

The high quality MF TH Telehandler cab is a quiet and comfortable environment, with controls arranged in an ergonomic layout, falling conveniently to hand for safe and easy operation. An electronic park brake is now standard.