Huge mower already on the job

By Country News

At a paddock in Hunter, 10km north-west of Elmore, the first Krone Big M 450 sold in Australia is already at work cutting hay.

Put on show for the first time at the Australian Fodder Industry Association conference in Adelaide in June, the huge mower caught the eye of Elmore-based business Jenhawill Baling.

Having owned the 450’s predecessor, the prospect of instilling more grunt into their operation was one the business couldn’t pass up, according to Clint Cail.

‘‘With the acreage we do we’re after a more powerful mower and this one looks like it’ll do the job,’’ Mr Cail said.

The mower allows operators to achieve workrates of more than 17ha/hour, a welcomed feature for Mr Cail who will set to work harvesting up to 6070ha when he jumps into the mower’s cabin.

‘‘So far it’s been very good, definitely a smoother ride and the conditioning is great,’’ he said.

The machine has six cylinders and with an inline Liebherr engine with PowerSplit control, the Big M 450 delivers 449hp.

The mower’s wider cut and more updated interior and interface than previous models also caught Mr Cail’s eye.

The self-propelled mower offers superior manoeuvrability, optimum weight distribution and taps into large power reserves.

Perfect for paddocks of all size, as well as flat and hilly land, the mower is also able to deal with difficult soil conditions and tackle any job.

A new top-speed control system allows an efficient use of the machine, reducing the ground speed automatically as soon as the engine is revving within a specific range, thereby ensuring the cut is always perfect.

With dry conditions forcing Jenhawill Baling to harvest earlier than planned, Mr Cail said the mower was sure to get a workout in the coming weeks.

‘‘The season ended pretty quickly with the dry weather,’’ he said.

‘‘Being such a dry finish we’ll be cutting some paddocks that we’d like to have seen go through to grain but it will just end up having to be hay.’’

The Krone Big M 450 and other Krone machinery are available at Echuca CIH Sales and Service.