Avoid harvester fires

By Country News

The Grains Research and Development Corporation is running workshops on avoiding harvester fires.

The workshops will address a wide range of topics to ensure growers are prepared for the serious threat harvester fires pose, even after dry growing seasons.

About seven per cent of harvesters start a fire each year, in a range of crop types including cereals and pulses, so there’s a good chance that every grain grower will experience a harvester fire at some point.

Topics will include:

■Developing a plan of attack for harvester fires, including machinery maintenance, hygiene and modifications — presented by Ben White.

■Voluntary Grain Harvesting Guidelines and working with the CFA — presented by Alister Boyd, VFF.

■Precautions to minimise the risk of fires, including the Grasslands Fire Danger Index, and chain of command for farm firefighting units — presented by a CFA Community Education Officer.

■Insurance management to ensure you’re covered for fires — presented by Kris Nelson, Landmark.

■Farming after fire — Steve Whillas and Belinda Cay will share their experiences of recovery after fire losses.

The workshops will be held at:

■Swan Hill on October 2, from 9am to 2pm at Swan Hill Football/Netball Club.

■Kaniva on October 3, from 9am to 2pm at Kaniva Community Hub.

■For more information, phone Rebecca Barr on 0402 788 526 or (08) 8332 3277 or email: