New equipment targets weed seeds

By Country News

Key developments are set to bolster harvester-integrated weed seed destructor technology, ensuring growers are even better prepared for the 2018 harvest and beyond.

The Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) continues to record up to 99 per cent kill rates of targeted weed seeds, and new adjustments have been designed to enhance its durability.

Comprising of two hydraulically-driven cage mills retro-fitted to the rear of the harvester, just below the sieves, the iHSD enables one-pass weed control.

This, in turn, reduces herbicide resistant weeds, allowing for more targeted and efficient chemical control in following seasons and reduced burning, hence also improving soil organic matter.

Invented by Western Australian grower Ray Harrington, the iHSD was developed by UniSA with funding and support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

SKF Engineering and DeBruin Engineering were enlisted to help develop the major upgrades, which have included a wider mill, a cooler relocation to assist with oil cooling and a total redesign of the bearings and housing.

According to Johnny Inferrera from McIntosh Distribution, the recent upgrades are the result of ongoing grower consultation by McIntosh Distribution to enhance the technology.

There are a limited number of current upgraded iHSD units available.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Echuca currently has an iHSD display unit in store if growers would like a closer look at how it works.

For more information, phone local iHSD dealer Brendan Caffery at CLAAS Harvest Centre on 0448 362 448.