New wheat is released

By Country News

A new dual-purpose, high yielding APH wheat is the first variety to be launched out of plant breeding company AGT’s recently established winter breeding program based at Wagga Wagga in NSW.

Illabo is the first variety to come out of AGT’s dedicated long season and winter wheat breeding program at Wagga Wagga, and is aimed at the mixed farming sector.

Dual-purpose wheats offer many benefits to farmers in a mixed enterprise, and EGA Wedgetail has been the variety of choice for many seasons now.

Illabo was bred with the specific intention to offer cropping and livestock farmers an improved version of EGA Wedgetail, which is the main parent of Illabo.

AGT marketing manager James Whitely said mixed farming played a big role in many businesses, so to provide a high yielding winter wheat that allowed for both grazing and high quality grain production was really exciting.

‘‘Southern NSW has been the traditional home of dual-purpose wheat, which is why we made the strategic decision to create a dedicated winter and long season wheat breeding program, and base it in the region,’’ Mr Whitely said.

‘‘The use of longer season wheats which you can plant early is starting to gain in popularity, and Illabo should have a fit for many growers not just in southern NSW, but through Victoria, into South Australia and even parts of Western Australia.

‘‘The initial cross was made with the intention of improving on Illabo’s major parent EGA Wedgetail and it has stood out in our trials as having higher yield potential while producing equivalent to slightly increased dry matter.’’