Agent says prices hurt by comments

By Country News

Sixteen registered buyers from throughout northern Victoria and one buyer from NSW bid in the Summer Selection Sale on Friday, February 23.

They competed for excellent quality, AI-bred, two-year-old heifers and springing or freshly calved cows.

Held at Shepparton Regional Saleyards and run by Dairy Livestock Services, the highest price for the day was reached several times at $2250 and the sale averaged $1725.

‘‘The prices are significantly lower than February last year with the cull price lower, more cattle on offer and the utter negativity coming from certain media outlets, industry and government businesses,’’ DLS northern Victorian agent Lee Hamilton said.

‘‘(These are) leaders who seem to like to knock an industry that is the backbone of Victorian agriculture and the blue tongue ban in the majority of northern Victoria is disadvantaging dairy cattle prices.’’