Soft cheese is golden winner

By Country News

Specialty cheese manufacturer, Boosey Creek Cheese, has picked up a gold award for a soft cheese at national dairy industry awards announced on Friday night.

The Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s 2018 Australian Dairy Product Competition is the only technical dairy competition in Australia.

This is the second time the Cameron family from Boosey, near Katamatite, has had its Boosey Soft cheese acknowledged in the awards.

Cheesemaker Ken Cameron said the cheese was popular with his customers, so while he was not expecting such a good result, it was not a complete surprise.

Another of the family’s products, which has a mysterious history, also did well in the camembert-style category.

The soft cheese, called Secret, was awarded a silver medal. Regular patrons at Tallis Winery in Dookie may have already sampled the cheese, where it often accompanies wine tasting.

Mr Cameron said the cheese was developed on a quiet winter’s day when he was dabbling with a new variety. When his parents asked him what he had developed, he jokingly replied it was ‘‘a secret’’.

The name stuck and the white cheese has proven popular.

Boosey Creek Cheese, run by Ken and Robert Cameron, also received a silver award for the flavoured cheese, Oma’s Favourite; the blue mould cheese, Burramine Blue; the semi-hard cheese, Oma’s Choice; and the vintage cheese, Grampy’s.

The Kyvalley Dairy Group picked up a gold medal for its pasteurised organic milk, a gold for its Kiewa Country Lite Milk and a silver for its Kiewa Country Full Cream Milk.

The national dairy competition was first held in 1895. This year, a team of more than 40 judges and stewards tasted the products and awarded medals and industry trophies in more than 100 categories, including cheese, ice-cream, butter, yoghurt and milk.