Milk factory start delayed

By Country News

Girgarre’s ACM milk processing factory has had its start date pushed back due to circumstances out of the company’s control.

The company’s managing director Michael Auld said a combination of factors had slowed the process by a month to six weeks.

‘‘A combination of a few different things (are factors),’’ he said.

‘‘We had some equipment delayed and some regulatory approvals that took longer to come through than we expected.

‘‘Based on what was quite an ambitious time frame, it is quite a good outcome.’’

Workers on the Curr Rd site will start testing equipment from this week, making sure there are no leaks and everything is sterile.

The company received $2.5million of federal government funding in April to bring forward the construction process by 12 months.

Despite the hold-up, Mr Auld said the company was hopeful of taking organic and regular milk from suppliers in the new year.