New plant-based ‘yoghurts’ released

By Country News

United States-based dairy company Chobani has announced a new range of plant-based ‘yoghurts’, adding to a growing range of non-dairy products for consumers.

Announced earlier this month, the decision will see the company release a range of nine cultured organic coconut products.

‘‘We have a belief: if we can’t make something better, we don’t make it at all. And for some time, we’ve felt that people deserve better non-dairy options,’’ Chobani founder and chief executive officer Hamdi Ulukaya said.

‘‘Chobani is taking a leadership role in advocating for transparency in dairy and clear distinctions between milk-based foods, such as yoghurts, and other options like our Non-Dairy Chobani™ cultured organic coconut purees,’’ a statement from the company said.

Chobani, which recently became Australia’s number one yoghurt brand, opened a manufacturing facility in Dandenong South in 2012 which sources milk from Australian cows.

Chobani products are available across the world including the US, Mexico and Asia.