Annual sale of Bungeet ram stud on its way

By Country News

The Sammon family, of Bungeet, will hold its 34th annual Poll Dorset ram sale next month.

To be held at the Shepparton Regional Saleyards on September 21 from 12.30pm, the sale will offer 100 rams which originated from the family’s original Dorset Horn stud.

‘‘We bred from our Dorset Horns,’’ stud owner Bill Sammon said.

‘‘The reason for that was the Dorset Horn has very dense wool which is good for prime lamb production and they are very strong boned.

‘‘We bred from what we had and improved on it with length.’’

The highlight of the sale will be rams by the family’s Tattykeel ram.

‘‘Some for sale will be by Tattykeel ram. He was a twin himself and we purchased him for $12500, five years ago,’’ Mr Sammon said.

‘‘This will be a feature in the sale.’’

Mr Sammon said when he looked to purchase more there were certain characteristics he searched for.

‘‘It’s got to be structurally sound, the muscling effect of the sheep and the length are also important,’’ he said.

‘‘The higher the eye muscle area in relation to the live weight of the animal is so important for case yield, particularly when selling over the hooks.’’

Despite the dry conditions, Mr Sammon said the ram quality was not sacrificed.

‘‘We were going to increase (numbers) because of large demand last year but with the season later they will be more in demand later in the year,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s been a very tough year for pasture right across eastern Australia but crops have been quite good here and we’re able to graze our sheep on crops.

‘‘I’m happy with the quality and the condition of the rams.’’

Those who purchase rams at the sale will be offered free delivery.