Stud’s dispersal sales begin

By Alana Christensen

It was standing room only at Taminick stud Witherswood Angus’ complete female dispersal sale as more than 440 lots went under the hammer on Friday.

The sale was the first in a three-stage complete dispersal of the stud after owners John and Joan Woodruff made the decision to retire after more than 25 years in the business.

Mr Woodruff thanked the crowd and his wife for their support of the sale.

‘‘Joan has had a major input in the past few years ... She has a pretty smart eye and always knows what to look for,’’ he said.

‘‘We’ve worked hard to collect genetics ... this is the end result of our genetics and we’ll follow that through over the next many years.

‘‘Good cattle deserve a good home and if they’re looked after they’ll be good for you.’’