Euroa’s Rebecca Dean accepts scholarship to beef-up career

By Country News

Euroa local and Charles Sturt University student Rebecca Dean is taking another step closer to her dream of a career in the beef industry, accepting a prestigious internship with Angus Australia.

Currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University, Miss Dean’s interest in the beef industry began on her family’s farm.

Having recently spent six weeks in the United States attending Texas Tech University, where she worked on research in meat laboratories, Miss Dean ultimately hopes her studies will allow her to spend some time out in the paddocks.

Also coaching the CSU team at the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition, Miss Dean hopes to explore the research side of the beef industry as part of an honours degree in 2020.

‘‘I’ve always been passionate about the beef industry and then I went to uni and started doing meat judging and working at the abattoir in Wagga too,’’ the 20-year-old said.

‘‘I’m definitely interested in the live animal side of it, working with producers at the farm level ... whether that’s advising or nutrition-based.’’

Since accepting the year-long internship, Miss Dean said she had already been given some hands-on experience, helping with artificial insemination last month, with calving and attending the Angus Youth Round Up in Armidale not far off.

Although living and attending university in Wagga Wagga, Miss Dean said she still was able to go home often to lend a hand with calving and running the farm.

The $5000 internship, which is co-funded by CSU’s Graham Centre and Angus Australia, aims to build capacity in the red meat industry by providing opportunities for young people to develop their research skills and knowledge.

The joint program between the Graham Centre and Angus Australia allows the interns to be involved in the CSU co-operator herd as part of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program.

The project uses the CSU herd for cutting-edge genetics research to build a comprehensive phenotype and genotype Angus reference population for genetic analysis.

Angus Australia strategic projects manager Christian Duff said it was great to see the high level of interest in the internship this year.