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Anthrax break-out at Swan Hill

By Rodney Woods

Anthrax has been identified on a property at Swan Hill over the weekend.

Agriculture Victoria veterinarians and animal health staff responded to the case and Victoria's chief veterinary officer Dr Charles Milne said the affected property had now been quarantined and appropriate biosecurity protections were in place.

"We are urging local farmers to continue to be vigilant and report any symptoms in livestock that may be related to anthrax," Dr Milne said.

Dr Milne said all sheep on the affected property had now been vaccinated and appropriate disposals were taking place.

"The current evidence suggests that only one property has been affected."

Farmers are urged to report any cases of unexplained livestock death to the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888, their local vet or to Agriculture Victoria animal health staff.

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