Ready for the challenge

By Country News

Tarcombe Herefords is no stranger to Beef Week and the RASV Heifer Challenge, as the stud looks to repeat its 2017 challenge victory.

The stud has also finished in the top 10 twice across its time entering in the competition.

Owner Tim Hayes said the stud’s main aim was to sell its cattle commercially for the grain and grass-fed markets.

Mr Hayes said he looked for many traits when purchasing cattle, but one in particular stood out from the rest.

‘‘The main traits are moderate birthweight, high IMF, high EMA, a fast early growth, strong fertility and structural soundness,’’ he said.

‘‘Fertility is fundamental because if you don’t calve, you don’t make money.’’

Mr Hayes said Beef Week allowed him to show off cattle he would be selling in a few months.

‘‘It’s a big benefit for us as we will be showing off our female herd,’’ he said.

‘‘We will have 100 to 120 on display and it gives people a look before the March on-property sale.’’

According to Mr Hayes, his stud is ranked high among other Hereford breeders.

‘‘I’d like to think as far as performance data we are up there in the breed,’’ he said.

‘‘We are certainly at the higher end of the performance data.’’

Despite it not being their first time at Beef Week, Mr Hayes said they would face a first of another kind.

‘‘Our open day has always been a weekday, so being on Australia Day, a public holiday, it’s hard to know what will happen but I don’t think it will make that big a difference in the scheme of things.

‘‘The hardest thing for us on that day is our location. We are the most southern on that day.’’

Tarcombe Herefords will be open on Saturday, January 26 at 1157 Ponkeen Creek Rd, Tarcombe.

The on-property sale will be held on Wednesday, March 6.