Calls continue for the Aussie Farms map to be removed

By Country News

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is ramping up pressure on an animal rights group to pull down a controversial map of farm locations after activists brazenly broadcast from inside a piggery.

Mr Littleproud said the piggery was on the Aussie Farms map, which details the location of hundreds of farms and abattoirs where the group says animals are being exploited.

‘‘The safety of farming families and their children is at risk here. If this activist attack map remains online, I fear someone will be seriously hurt or worse,’’ Mr Littleproud said last week.

Vegan activist James Warden and a woman broadcast a video live from inside a West Australian piggery for more than an hour.

In the footage, Mr Warden says he is trying to show consumers the conditions their food comes from.

‘‘These animals are being confined to these tiny areas and being subjugated,’’ he said.

Mr Littleproud said Aussie Farms knew full well its map was being used to plan attacks on family businesses.

‘‘Aussie Farms should stop being so reckless and pull the farm map down before someone is killed,’’ he said.

He also called for states to strengthen trespass laws after an animal activist received a $350 fine for her third offence.