Cage eggs concern greater in country

By Country News

More than 80 per cent of rural Australians are concerned about caged eggs according to independent research commissioned by the RSPCA.

Commissioned last year, the research found that 82 per cent of rural Australians surveyed and 72 per cent of Australians in regional centres are concerned or very concerned about battery cages, compared to just over 74 per cent of Australians in capital cities.

RSPCA Australia senior policy officer Dr Jed Goodfellow said the revelations flew in the face of claims by the cage egg industry.

‘‘Cage egg industry lobbyists are very fond of saying that opposition to cruel battery cages comes mostly from people in the cities, who don’t understand the realities of farming,’’ Dr Goodfellow said.

‘‘That’s simply not true.

‘‘People in Australia’s farming communities and regional centres, who work with animals and understand farming, know just as well as their city-based cousins that battery cages are unacceptable and unnecessary.’’