Fruit fly relief as cooler weather arrives

By Rodney Woods

Recent cool weather has brought relief for Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) control across the Goulburn Murray region, according to Goulburn Murray Valley regional fruit fly co-ordinator Ross Abberfield.

Mr Abberfield said the current cold snap had already seen a reduction in QFF numbers.

"Most immature fruit flies will die during winter due to the significant drop in temperature and many adult flies will die in the coming months, however there will be some adults that will in fact survive the winter, which is called overwintering," he said.

"These flies are typically newly bread flies from late-ripening fruit that have found themselves in localised warm spots allowing for their survival over winter."

It is the overwintering QFF population that will be the cause of next season’s fruit fly problems.

Despite the drop in numbers, protein-based traps and baits are still effective and should be used as they allow for detection of overwintering fruit flies.

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